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In fact, the home security installation is so simple that the customer can begin installing the system in as littleas 5 minutes, as shown in a helpful video on the website. This is a nice incentive for those folks who don't want a hefty installation charge or permanent wiring added in their home. Of course, it could also be a negative for people who don't trust themselves to install the system on their own. The technology that Live Watch offers is all wireless and self installed. As mentioned with other home security systems that feature self installation, this can be a positive or negative depending on the individual consumer. On the one hand, there is no additional installation cost. On the other hand, you are your own service person in the case of technical problems with the system. The security system seems easyenoughto install; Live Watch calls it "plug and protect". All a consumer needs to do is contact a security advisor at the toll free number, create a custom security system for their home based on individual needs, and the equipment is pre programmed and shipped. You simply follow the instructions to set up and activate the totally wireless home security system. The main issue we found with the Live Watch website was that they make it very difficult to tell how much all of this will cost you.